Evansville Water Softener System Installation & Repair

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Water Softeners Services in Evansville, IN

Exchanging magnesium and calcium ions for potassium and sodium ions may not seem very exciting to the average homeowner, but this is precisely what takes place during the water softening process. Once the exchange is made, you’ll have soft water in your home and any negative signs of hard water will be gone.

Prevent contaminants in your drinking water with our water filtration services. We'll test your water and install a filtration system fitting for your home's needs.

Causes of Hard Water

The primary causes of hard water in your home are excess amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water. This happens to some households that are close to rock formations where magnesium and calcium are prevalent. These minerals can find their way into your water supply, and create the condition known as hard water.

Look for These Signs

There are a couple of frustrating signs that you have hard water in your home, and they are both easy to spot. A white residue known as limescale is the most noticeable. It will form on cookware, sinks, fixtures and some appliances. It isn’t dangerous, but it is quite difficult to wash off, and only gets more difficult as time goes on. Occasionally, thick limescale that has formed on the bottom of a pot or casserole dish may prevent the food inside the dish from cooking all the way through.

The second common sign of hard water is that it causes soap and shampoo to lose their lathering ability. When your shampoo won’t lather properly, it may result in dull-looking hair. This effect can also cause laundry to come out feeling stiff instead of soft or prevent dishes from being as clean as they should be.

A backflow can bring in nasty substances into your home's water supply. Call our Evansville team for quality backflow testing services today!

Whole-House Benefits

If you have a whole-house water softener installed in your home, you’ll have the best opportunity to eliminate all signs of hard water from the house. Sometimes, water softening products you buy at the store can work, but they never really have the same type of effect and if they do work, the results are temporary. If hard water is bothering you and your family, a professional solution will provide the best results.

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