Your Evansville Emergency Plumber

If you have a plumbing issue that needs immediate attention, it’s time for an Evansville emergency plumber. Call 812-618-9638 now for immediate service. Time is the most important factor during a plumbing emergency, so it’s important to call right away.

Even though it’s never really possible to be completely prepared for a plumbing emergency, you can take steps to help minimize any water damage if it ever happens to you. Two of the biggest issues that end up increasing the damage during a plumbing emergency are time, and finding a suitable plumber to take charge of the situation for you. If you address these factors ahead of time, you won’t be caught off guard and you’ll be able to save both time and money in the long run.

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Is It Really an Emergency?

One challenge many homeowners have with a plumbing emergency is figuring out if it really should be classified as an emergency at all. If there is water pouring into your home from a burst pipe or other cause, then it is easy to figure out. If you have any type of plumbing issue that you can’t control on your own, then you should call an emergency plumber for help. Some examples include your boiler stopping in the middle of a cold winter night, your water heater leaking its contents onto your basement floor or a sump pump breaking down in the middle of a big rainstorm.

Better Safe Than Sorry

When it comes to your home and possessions, and especially your family’s safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You may be on the fence when trying to determine if it is an emergency or not, and the plumber may even tell you it’s not, but there is no harm in finding out for sure. If you want to save some time, you should search for a good plumber ahead of time, so you won’t have to waste time searching for one during the plumbing event. You can just pick up the phone and call, then get your instructions or wait for the plumber to arrive and take control of the situation. Being prepared is always to your benefit, no matter how serious the plumbing issue happens to be.

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Common Plumbing Emergencies

Are you in the middle of a plumbing emergency? We can help! Call Bud’s Plumbing & Repair Service for 24-hour emergency service.

  • Clogged toilet: If your toilet is clogged, leaking, making strange noises or not flushing properly, then you need to have it fixed immediately. The toilet is one of the most used fixtures in your home, so any of these common plumbing emergencies can be a potential disaster. Sometimes a plunger is just not enough and that’s when you need to call us for professional help.
  • Broken water line: Underground water lines are susceptible to breaking, cracking and corroding over time. Typical signs your water line is damaged is when the water pressure is very low or when you see soggy patches on your lawn. It’s important to have the water line fixed ASAP to ensure your home has a safe and proper water supply.
  • Drain or sewer backups: Whenever your sewer or drains back up, it means there’s a blockage somewhere that’s forcing the water or sewer to back up. This leads to leakages and foul odors around your home. At Bud’s Plumbing & Repair Service, we utilize high tech equipment and cameras to inspect your pipes and see what’s causing blockages before fixing the problem and restoring proper flow.
  • Water heater problems: A malfunctioning water heater can lead to a wide range of plumbing emergencies. A leaking hot water tank can result in flooding and not having hot water is a problem that requires immediate attention.
  • Flooded basement: A flooded basement often happens without a warning. The flooding can be caused by heavy storms, appliance failure, inadequate drainage around your basement walls or a faulty sump pump. Our emergency team is fully equipped with high-tech equipment to perform professional water extraction and ensure your basement is clean and dry.

When a plumbing emergency happens in your home, it’s imperative to take action as soon as possible. Call Bud's Plumbing & Repair Service at 812-618-9638 in Evansville, IN and the surrounding area, so we can send an emergency plumber to your location right away and get the situation under control.