Evansville Toilet Repair & Installation

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Toilet Installation Repair Services in Evansville, IN

If your toilet happens to stop working, you know that you’re on the clock. It’s not an option to go without a functioning toilet in the house and trying to fix it yourself may not work out as you planned. The best idea is to find an experienced plumber to come to your house and provide you with the expert repairs you need.

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My Toilet Isn’t Working!

Toilets can malfunction for a handful of different reasons, but issues with the flushing mechanism and clogged bowls are the main reasons. If your toilet won’t flush at all, it’s probably because the chain inside the tank that connects the handle to the flapper has come loose. Usually, you can just reach in and re-attach it and it will work fine. If the chain is still attached, the flapper at the bottom may be worn and in need of replacement, or the handle might be too loose.

Preventing a Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are no fun at all, but most of the time they can be prevented. The main thing you need to do is instruct your family not to flush anything but modest amounts of toilet paper. If you flush too much, it can cause a clog. If you flush paper towels or feminine hygiene products or cooking grease, you may end up with a clogged toilet, too. Modifying the flushing habits will prevent toilet clogs most of the time.

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Why Professional Installation & Repair Is Necessary

Installing or repairing your own toilet always seems easy enough on home improvement TV shows, but when put into practice there are several things that can go wrong if you aren’t experienced. The sewer gases can be a hazard during the process, but aside from that, if you don’t have the toilet positioned correctly or the seal is weak, you may end up with leaks on the bathroom floor, causing rotted wood and mold growth. Call for professional toilet repair and installation and everyone will work out fine.

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