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Faucet Fixture Sink Services in Evansville, IN

It’s not unusual to experience the odd leak in your faucets and sinks, especially when you consider how much they are used and how much water flows through them on a regular basis. They serve an important function in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, as well as adding to the aesthetic appeal of each area. Finding a reputable, experienced plumber will help you keep the faucets, fixtures, and sinks in your home working smoothly all the time.

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Common Sink Issues

Holes, cracks and broken seals are some of the things that routinely happen with sinks when they start showing signs of wear and tear. These smaller problems aren’t as dramatic as a burst pipe or other emergency, but they can still cause serious water damage if ignored. Many homeowners just switch their current sink for a new one and change the aesthetics of the bathroom or kitchen when the sink is leaking, but that’s something to discuss with your plumber.

How Hidden Faucet Leaks Cause Big Damage

Faucet leaks often take place where you aren’t able to see them, increasing the likelihood of serious water damage. Everyone has had as leaky, dripping faucet before, but these usually only need a new washer or gasket to get them to stop. If the leak is underneath the vanity in the bottom part of the faucet, it may end up leaking for some time, until you poke your head under and take notice. If that’s the case, the wood under the vanity may rot and patches of mold can grow, posing a health risk. If you ever notice reduced water pressure in just one faucet, take a look underneath to make sure there isn’t a leak.

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Have Your Faucets & Sinks Professionally Installed

To prevent unwanted leaks and other problems with your faucets, fixtures, and sinks, it’s important to have them installed professionally. The fact that these are relatively straightforward installations makes them popular DIY choices, but if you want to ensure they comply with your local building codes and are positioned and sealed correctly, leave it to a professional.

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