Evansville Repiping Services

Do you have damaged pipes in your home? Call 812-618-9638 today for fast and affordable Evansville repiping solutions and exceptional customer service. Repairing sections of a pipe doesn’t have to be invasive and costly. Call us today and we will send someone to see if repiping is the right solution for you.

Repiping Services in Evansville, IN

In the past, if you had a section of pipe that was damaged and needed replacing, the job was long, arduous and invasive. Depending on where the damaged pipe was located, you may have required digging in your yard, or had walls or floors dug into inside the house. With the more modern repiping service, you can have specific sections of pipe replaced, without having to dig anything up and without damaging the rest of the pipe.

Sooner or later, a small leak can cause major damage to your home! With our water leak detection service, you'll have peace of mind so give us a call today.

Copper & PEX for Repiping

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping and copper piping are two of the most common types of pipes in modern households, and both are suitable for repiping services. Aside from one being a metal and one a plastic, PEX, and copper pipes have a few differences in strength and flexibility. Copper piping is generally stronger than PEX piping, but PEX is more flexible and is less costly. Each type has its share of pros and cons, but both are appropriate for repiping if you have a problem.

Who Needs Repiping?

Old, worn out sections of pipe or pipe that have been damaged for some other reason are usually candidates for repiping. If the entire pipe needs to be replaced due to aging, then it will be a more complex job, but if only a small section is causing your trouble, then an experienced practitioner can replace that section without causing damage and destruction to the rest of the pipe, or your home.

Call our specialists if you suspect a potential slab leak in your home. We guarantee your peace of mind and complete satisfaction after we finish the job!

Repiping Is Faster and Costs Less

If you have leaky or damaged pipes that need attention, check to ensure your plumbing company provides repiping as part of its list of services. Repiping is a valuable service because you won’t have to pay as much as you would for a more extensive repair, and it won’t take nearly as long. The end result will be a perfectly functioning section of pipe, which is precisely what you need.

If you have a water leak and need professional attention to make it right, repiping may be the best solution. Call Bud's Plumbing & Repair Service at 812-618-9638 in Evansville, IN and the surrounding area so we can come out and get the process started.