Evansville Gas Line Repair & Installation

A damaged gas line has the potential to cause fires or explosions, so call 812-618-9638 today if you need expert Evansville gas line repair and installation. We will send someone out right away to take control and provide a safe solution.

Gas line leaks and installation are areas that require professional attention 100 percent of the time. There is never an occasion when it’s ok to try some DIY repairs on your gas line because the threat of fire and explosion is always present. If you have a gas line running to your home, it is likely filled with either natural gas or propane, both of which are extremely dangerous.

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Two Signs of Gas Line Leaks

The gas line that supplies your home with natural gas or propane will display one or two signs when it cracks or splits, to let you know there is trouble. The most obvious sign of a gas leak is a strong smell of rotten eggs inside your home or just outside. If you can detect this smell anywhere around your house, then you should take the necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety. A second sign that may occur during a gas line leak is a hissing noise from the line itself as the gas is escaping out into the air.

Never Attempt DIY Repair

If you notice either or both of these signs, it is imperative that you avoid any attempt at DIY repair. Moving away from the gas line is the only thing you should do. Do not investigate or try to find the source of the odor and sound. If you are usually the “fix-it” type around the house, just ignore this one and wait for a professional to come and figure it out. DIY Gas line repair will only result in problems that may include a fire or even explosion.

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Get Out of the House

If you notice signs of a gas leak, it is important to just leave the house and then call emergency personnel to come out and shut off the gas supply. After that, call your plumber to come and make any repairs that are required and get your gas line back in good condition.

Gas line troubles are among the most dangerous things that can happen in your household. Call Bud's Plumbing & Repair Service at 812-618-9638 in the Evansville, IN area so we can help provide a solution.