Evansville Video Camera Inspection

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Video Camera Inspection Services in Evansville, IN

The standard rooter or snaking method of finding and repairing drain and sewer problems has always been successful when performed by a trained professional, but video camera inspection takes the process a step farther. Every plumber knows that if they can have a visual of what is happening inside a pipe or a drain, they can provide a service that’s less invasive and more effective. Video camera inspection makes this possible and makes the drain and sewer cleaning and repair process more effective.

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Benefits of Video Camera Inspection

A video camera inspection is a service that is designed to find obstructions and other issues inside your sewers, drains, and pipes. Leaky pipes can have many different causes, including tree roots, corrosion, shifting soil or collapses due to normal aging. Using a camera inside your pipes enables technicians to find the exact location of the problem, making for a less invasive repair. Without the use of cameras, plumbers often have to guess at the location, which takes time and may cost you more money. Using a camera allows for more accurate quotes, and is a big benefit when it comes to home inspections.

What Can the Camera Find?

The cameras used in video camera inspections can find many different items and conditions, including cracks, sludge buildup, sagging pipes, bad connections, tree roots, the flow of drainage and lost items like jewelry that has accidentally been washed down a drain. Basically, anything that is inside the pipes, whether it be a physical item or damage to the pipe, can be identified through use of a video inspection camera.

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Professional Service Is a Must

For services like video camera inspection, it is crucial that a professional technician take control of the situation and guide the camera through your pipes and drains. Most homeowners couldn’t even give the DIY approach a go even if they wanted because they lack the necessary equipment, but if you do happen to have a camera set up that can get into the drains, you’ll never get the same results as a professional, so call for help when you need it.

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