Evansville Water Heater Installation & Repair

Are you having water heater trouble? Give us a call at 812-618-9638 for trustworthy Evansville water heater installation and repair and honest pricing. Keeping your water heater running well is important for the entire household, so call as soon as it starts acting up.

Living without hot water in the house isn’t impossible, but if you’ve grown accustomed to having it like most modern homeowners, it will seem like a mighty big sacrifice if it stops running all of a sudden. That’s why it’s important to have access to a good local plumber with experience fixing and installing water heaters. Fast, accurate service will make your service interruption as brief as possible.

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Signs of Water Heater Trouble

Having no hot water in your home is the most telling sign of a water heater problem, but it isn’t the only sign. Other warnings your water heater will give you that it needs repair include:

  • Pressure fluctuation: Sometimes, the hot water is still working, but it is intermittent or the water pressure is fluctuating.
  • Leaking around the tank: If you see water leaking from around the base of the water tank, then it is only a matter of time before the hot water is affected, so you need professional attention.
  • High water bills: Higher than average water bills may indicate a damaged water heater, as does a burnt-out pilot light, or loud noises and gurgling sounds coming from the water heater.

If you’re experiencing issues with your water heater, Bud's Plumbing & Repair Service can assist. Give us a call and let our experienced plumbers get your water heater back up in running smoothly in as little time as possible.

It May Be a Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, the thermostat on your water heater is the problem, and the heater isn’t getting the right signals. When the thermostat isn’t working correctly, you can expect a wide fluctuation in the water temperature, sometimes it is even too hot. Your plumber will check the thermostat when inspecting the water heater and doing repairs.

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How to Find a Professional Service Provider

It’s always wise to use a professional for your water heater service and to find the right one, look for service providers that have been in business for at least several years and feature water heater service as part of their overall plumbing service. Local plumbers will be readily accessible and will have developed a reputation in the community, which is always helpful for gathering opinions and information.

Living without hot water for any length of time just isn’t good enough for most people, so make sure you call and have your water heater repaired properly if it breaks down. Just call Bud's Plumbing & Repair Service at 812-618-9638 in the Evansville, IN area and we will get the process started.